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Handcrafted Jewelry Designer Based in Zurich

Philippe Pfeiffer is a craftsman unlike any other. Part gemstone lover, part alchemist, part engineer and part artist; this is a man who is as excited by discovering a new technique for creating jewellery as he is by discovering a bright and beautiful gemstone. 

Born in South Africa, he moved to Switzerland to undertake his apprenticeship and career in goldsmithing.

In almost forty years of experience, his dedication has led him to create a unique style: by combining elements of high goldsmithery with semi-precious materials, his interpretation becomes a divertissement, a theatrical act that breaks every rule of traditional jewelry.


For Philippe, jewels are not just an accessory, they are a declaration of identity. He's about confidence and personal style.

With this belief in mind, he specializes in transforming old jewels into modern pieces, in which the ancient is preserved through a new language.

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